How to love yourself?

Among things conducive to liberation, devotion alone holds the supreme place.

The seeking after ones real nature is designated as devotion.- Adi Shankaracharya

Everyone has a degree of self-love.

Even when you think you hate yourself, it's really the parts that you don't appreciate about yourself that you detest.

Yet, what you love about yourself isn't truly you.

Sure, your positive traits, achievements, dedication, discipline, and success are all admirable.

But they aren't what loving yourself is about.

The path to self-love lies in loving God.

Atman, our spiritual essence, and Bhagwan, are indistinguishable.

Krishna tells us, "I am the Self resident in the inner self of all beings."

This world is made for us by Bhagwan so we can fulfil our karma and realize our unity with Bhagwan and Brahman.

But beware.

If you chase divine powers, thinking you can heal everyone, help the world, or show off countless spiritual capabilities, you'll eventually crumble.

The bulk of spiritual literature focuses on such powers, not direct self-love.

The key to loving yourself is nurturing your deep affection for Ishwara (Bhagwan).

Bhagwan Ramakrishna says,

“ One can rightly speak of God only after one has seen Him.

He who has seen God knows really and truly that God has form and That He is formless as well.

He has many other aspects that cannot be described”

He adds that simply chanting God's name doesn’t cut it.

Alongside the chanting, you need to develop genuine love for Him.

When you do, you become grounded in your Atman.

During deep sleep, your mind enters into the heart, which is directly connected to Ishwara.

Your heart is not a closed door chamber. The lotus in your heart has direct connection to Ishwara that is the secret…

Atman and Ishwara are considered identical, not in terms of power, but essence.

Jiva and Bhagwan differ in manifesting powers, yet Atman and Bhagwan remain the same.

Your role as a Jiva, a living being, is to achieve liberation.

Don't get caught up in lofty ideas of saving the world—that's the divine's job, not yours.

When you love yourself, those who seek to love God will gravitate towards you.

The more you love God, the stronger your connection with your Atman.

Anything beyond this offers no spiritual value—it's merely intellectual gamesmanship.

The knowledge that ‘Brahman is’ is indirect , the knowledge that “ I am brahman” is direct.- Panchadasi

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